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Our Top Recommendation
The Cold Calling Secret

This book reveals to readers new cold calling techniques along with cold calling scripts plus a lot more. Some of the things that are covered are how to handle objections such as sending literature, the “I'm not interested” attitude or “We're happy with our supplier” “We don't have a budget for it.” or “I haven't got the time”. It also give 5 techniques how to handle voicemail and a variety of additional tips to help any salesperson be able to better handle cold calling. A must have for anyone setting off down the path of cold calling!

Also Recommended
Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)

The author Stephan Schiffman has been America's #1 corporate sales trainer for over 30 years. His latest book is one that shows how people can make cold calling a central part of their sales cycle and where they can find the best leads for their business. It is updated with all kinds of new information about email selling, how to refine voice mail messages, how to do online networking and much more. It shows how to turn leads into prospects, learn how to know what a client's needs are, show the ability to meet their demands and how to overcome the most common objections. The book is great for sales people who need a little help and also good to use as training material.

Also Recommended
Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling

This book helps readers to learn more about their clients, prospects and the competition. The book offers plenty of information that the reader can apply to their already existing techniques for their cold calling. It shows how to build deep and long lasting relationships with their clients and even prospects. Shows ways to access lead lists, cost free and tips and tricks on how to get search engines to get it right from the start. It teaches readers how to use Google like a pro, how to benefit from social networks and much more. Great book for those who have a fear of cold calling.

Also Recommended
Cold Calling for Setting Appointments

This is a book for professionals only who play in the arena of sales by numbers. If you know what 10/3/1 means then this is the book for you! A short read that is packed with simple, effective and outright powerful tips to setting appointments via cold calling. You will see the results as soon as you start applying his techniques - guaranteed!

Also Recommended
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling

Want to get in front of more prospects than ever before? Is lead generation the big hole in your business strategy? If you aren't cold calling then you are leaving your prospects wide open for your competitors to sweep in and own. If you have tried cold calling before and haven't had the success you would have liked then this book is for you! It goes through both the basics of the skill as well as advanced closing strategies to win new clients over the phone. It is pure experience based wisdom from the renowned Keith Rosen. Overcome your fear and make cold calling lead generation your new best business friend!

Cold Calling without fear, pressure or rejection!



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