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Free Cold Calling Info - Cold Calling Scripts and Techniques That Really Work

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How to Write Cold Calling Scripts

Cold calling is not a very popular thing to do for most in sales, however, for some it is something that must be done. What makes it easier is having good cold calling scripts. So it is important if you have good ones written that will make the telephone presentations easier for all sales people.

A very important aspect of cold calling and cold calling scripts is to make sure that you have a clear awareness of the potential customers needs. Often this is something that is very obvious and the prospective client doesn't have a need for anyone to tell them what their needs might be. For instance, if the motor in a vacuum cleaner blows out and stops working the customer knows they need a new one. But, what your client isn't always going to be aware of are all of their other needs and how your company can actually satisfy them all.

Ever bought something after watching one of those infomercials? They try and make people aware of their needs that may exist that they might not even thought were there. People can be made aware of their needs in a variety of different ways. With some it is done by TV, radio or printed ads and some by a salesperson on the telephone. Whatever the case may be, the message needs to be short and to the point all the while pointing out the benefits to the client.

You cold calling scripts for cold calling also need to show that you and your company have an interest in satisfying the clients needs. Once a client discovers what all their needs are and the benefits of having them satisfied they are then well on their way to the buying process and won't want to stop until their needs are met. This is where all of their questions are going to have to be answered about the product or service that your company offers that will best satisfy those needs. This is of course a very broad subject and it all depends upon what you are selling.

Make sure that your cold calling scripts show a preference of using one product over another. If you effectively address how your company can meet the prospective clients needs your customer will find it easier to choose to do business with your company instead of the competitions.

Make sure that your scripts show you are committed. This is the stage where the client has actually recognized their particular needs and how a certain product could benefit them and now they need to make the final decision on whether to buy the service or product from you. So make sure that you express to them how committed you are to fulfilling their needs.

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Tips on How to Get Solid Business Leads in a World of Technology

Even though the world of business has changed due to technology, this does not mean that big and small businesses alike still don't need to generate business leads in order to keep their businesses up and running. Even though traditional cold calling, which once was the major source of gaining business leads, is not as common today, there are still ways in which you can generate business leads for your company.

One interesting way to use technology in order to generate business leads is to subscribe to different blogs that might relate to your own business and a better way yet is to create your own business blog that offers really good content for people who are interested in the same type of things that your business might be offering. For example, if you are an interior designer, contractor or even an architect you could offer content about redesigning an office, den, kitchen and so on. The key is to put fresh content up on the blog often and when Google sees your company blogging often it will send more visitors your way. Then you can urge people to sign up for your blog and this then gives you the chance to market to that person through their email. You can give them the option then through an online form to be contacted by a representative as well.

Another thing you can do with a blog is to offer valuable content downloads. For instance in the middle of a blog post you could have a specially designed graphic that offers a free ebook that says “Click here to download our free ebook.” or whatever you wish to say. Then when they click on the offer it will take them to a landing page that will contain more info about what your company offers along with a sign up form for the ebook. You can also put that same landing page on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and have a headline that reads “Download Our eBook: Whatever Title Is to Be...” Each time a person clicks over to the landing page, you are generating a new lead to add to your business leads list.

Another good thing to offer when using the Internet as your “cold calling” venue are free consultations by using online media or also offer it through printed advertising. Free consultations can last from 30 to 60 minutes and although the customer is getting something for free, you are actually performing a sales call which in turn can be added to your business leads list. This is an easy way to learn about the prospective customers needs and if they could be a viable prospect for the future.

Social media is another way that you can generate business leads. It is a good place to offer your free consultations, special discounts, free ebooks and so on. All of which can add to your leads. For example if you only post 15 times each month on a variety of social networking sites you need to make sure that some of that content is actually other people's content that would relate to prospective customer interests and then within some of these posts make sure to include a link to your landing page. You can even post stories that might not have anything to do with your business but instead is uplifting or entertaining in order to get their interest and then you can encourage them to visit your landing page.

Another thing that you can do to get possible business leads is to offer online seminars called webinars that might explain your free ebook or explains what your product service does. When they sign up they can then give their contact information so that you can later contact them. You also can offer local seminars that are live that people can actually go to in person.

Another way to use the Internet to help is to go to current customers to see if they would mind giving you a referral or testimony that you can post on your blog as well as your social media accounts. By doing this it is easier to attract new customers to your business.

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How to Quickly Improve Your Selling Skills

If you are serious about generating more sales for your company whether it be by using cold calling as one way of using your selling skills or not, improving your selling skills is vital in order to be a success. One important thing to remember when it comes to selling skills and even cold calling, the fast sales pitch really doesn't mean more sales it's how good your overall skills are.

A very important thing to remember is that you need to work hard to understand how a potential customer is going to buy. If the product is simple and with little competition, it's easy for the customer to make a fast decision. However, today that is hardly ever the case. This means potential customers have to do some research and learn more about the product before deciding to purchase it. So a salesperson needs to see it from the viewpoint of the customer.

Make sure that you define the steps of your sales procedure in terms customers will understand. Be very clear and very specific about each step a customer takes as they move through the buying process. Get rid of the “sales process” labels commonly used in sales and change them to “customer actions” instead. This then becomes the objective of your sales team when do cold calling or meet with customers in person.

Figure out who is going to be involved in the decision of buying and what step they might be in the buying process. If it's a complex decision then you will need to figure out what the factors are that are working for you in that sale and what are the ones that are working against you. Never get ahead of the customers decision making.

Many times, the actually purchase is not going to be done by the person you are actually interacting with. You need to also know who the executive is that makes the final decision and then work your sales process around that person with the one that you are dealing with. Make sure you have a fair idea of the things the person in charge wants or may need.

The key to good selling skills is to always put yourself in the shoes of the customer and help lead them through their own buying process without them even realizing this is what you are doing. A customer wants to buy from someone who comes off as a leader and not a pusher.

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Top Tips for Making Good Sales Calls

Cold calling for a lot of businesses has gone by the wayside with the popularity of the Internet and email. However, for some it is still a small to big part of their business, but, many people look at the phone when it comes to sales calls and it feels like dead weight to them. It doesn't have to be that way, with the right attitude and paying close attention to even the rejections a salesperson can learn from each experience and evolve from it.

There are a few things that you can do to help make your sales calls more successful:
  1. Have a professional greeting. Don't just pick up the phone, call someone and say hello or jump right into your sales pitch the minute someone picks up the phone. Be professional and make the person on the other end of the phone feel like they are part of the conversation from the start.
  2. Introduce your company and yourself. Make sure to let them know who you are and what company you represent and what your company specializes in. However, don't be overly specific at this point in time, in fact you don't even want to mention the product you are trying to sell.
  3. Show gratitude. Make sure to thank them shortly after you get them on the line and let them know that you appreciate the time they are giving you out of their busy day. Make sure that you let them know you don't want to waste a second of that valuable time.
  4. State why you are calling. One of the best ways to state your purpose is to try and put it into a question. Often times if you put it properly into a question more times than not you will receive a “yes” answer to that question. This is the point of sales calls where you start to sell your product and to ask them if you could meet with them to better demonstrate what your company has to offer.
  5. Try to schedule a meeting. Now is the time to confirm a meeting either in person with the prospective customer or in a teleconference where you can have more of their time that is scheduled so that you can give them all the vital information they need to make an informed decision on your product or service.
  6. If a face to face meeting is set up use the alternate choice strategy. Offer the person on the phone two different times for them to chooses from for the meeting time. If you use this approach you are in control otherwise if you leave it open to them, you may not even get a meeting set up.
  7. Be thankful. Make sure to thank them for their time and let them know you are looking forward to meeting them by restating the time, date and place of the meeting before you hang up.
  8. Make sure to follow up. If the meeting you set up is a few days in the future then make sure to send them a short but polite note confirming the meeting and thanking them. If it should be the next day then send them an email confirmation.
By following these simple tips it should make cold calling and your sales calls go a lot easier and more effective in gaining more customers for your company.

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Top 5 Sure Fire Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Sales Skills

If you are a salesperson you no doubt are always trying to find ways to improve your sales skills, especially if you have to include cold calling in your routine. If you have your sales skills polished sales really is simple, but you need to make sure that you are well polished both personally and professionally.

1: One really important thing to remember when it comes to sales skills, especially when you are cold calling is to make sure that you have both an open ear and open mind to any and all constructive criticism or feedback you might get from others. If not it will be difficult if not impossible to be able to move on and be a success in the sales world.

2: Second you should always consider seeking the advice of someone who can give you specific assistance in certain areas you might be lacking in. This can be a mentor, a fellow employee a current client or even a past client or a sales coach. Whoever they are, they need to be able and willing to give you honest feedback and not what they think you want to hear.

3: The third thing to do is to take some time to assess your own talents that pertain to your sales skills. Over 90% of people do not know their own talents. Instead they tend to focus all of their energy on non-talents and their weaknesses. This only causes them to work harder, not smarter.

4: Another very important thing to do to improve your sales skills is to make sure that you practice, practice and do more practice. Consider this, coach Vince Lombardi of the NFL Green Bay Packers only had a total of five offensive running plays for the team but they were able to win game after game because these five plays were executed flawlessly because of practice.

5: Finally make sure to always monitor your results. Keep track of all your numbers to track how good your sales skills are. You need to read your statistics to see how your overall sales performance is through your sales skills.
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12 Great Ways to Generate Business Leads

Business leads are important for any business whether they are small or large, they are a way to continue to help your business grow. However, they are not just going to happen for you automatically. You need to create them yourself. One way of course is cold calling. However, that is not the only way these days to generate business leads. Here are the top 12 ways in which you can achieve this.

1. Consider joining a networking group. There are plenty of local business lead or networking groups to choose from. Pick a group that will encourage important one on one exchanges so you can develop relationships. Just don't expect to do business with the members of a group directly, the best thing to do is educate the members about your business and then they can refer others to you.

2. Join associations. It's a good idea to join a local chamber of commerce, a professional association or other groups that can offer your business an opportunity to network. Remember, relationships take time and may not immediately translate into business leads but they can contribute to leads later on down the road. Also consider joining an association's committee or volunteer to be a speaker or help to organize an event. This will help you have a better working relationship with other members of the same association.

3. Use cold calling. Not many people like to do this, but cold calling can still work. This can be done over the phone, which is the most common, but don't be afraid to go in person if the situation arises. This not only can help to generate new leads but it also helps you to polish your sales techniques.

4. Create strategic alliances. This will depend on the kind of business you have. But if you get a long with another type of business you can do cross referrals. For instance if your business is accounting then you may refer clients to bankers and bankers can refer clients to you.

5. General referrals. These are usually received from your already existing customer base. Offer different incentives to your customers in order to get referral information from them. One way would be to offer cash back for each referral of theirs that becomes a new customer. Also ask for referrals from family, friends and other business associates you know.

6. Give seminars. Instead of going all over and speaking about your business to others, offer to host a information seminar. This can be a valued service to some people and it will give you the opportunity to showcase your business and expertise. You can build your attendance by first inviting your existing customers and having them bring friends and family with them. Leave your push for new customers until the end of your seminar. Then after you can ask orally or hand out a written form asking if they would be interested in hearing from you to get more information.

7. Consider being a guest speaker. Often local business associations as well as charitable organizations look for speakers to help fill their event schedule up. You can offer to talk on a topic that will highlight your skills and expertise. When you speak it will lead to visibility in your local community.

8. Be host of a special event. Think about having an after hours wine and cheese party for all of your customers. Encourage them to bring family and friends, all of whom are new prospects.

9. Become a volunteer. Get involved with a local organization that has nothing to do with the business that you are in. The aim is not just to support this organization or cause but to make yourself more visible and develop relationships. The activity might not result in immediate business leads but it will over time help by gaining new relationships that will eventually help your business.

10. Send out direct mail. You could run a mail campaign and it doesn't have to be a huge undertaking that costs tons of money. Create a limited program where you send out 5 to 10 pieces every week. The key here is to target your prospective customers and then do a follow up by phone. By doing this it helps to warm up your prospect prior to your cold calling. You can also refer to the piece of advertising you sent out during the call and ask if they have any questions.

11. Take advantage of trade shows. Trade shows are a great venue that can offer a large number of leads in a really short time. Doesn't matter if you have a nice booth or just a table at the show or if you are just a visitor. This is a great place to exchange business cards with others. Just make sure to write down key points about each person you meet on the back of their business card.

12. Remember to observe the three foot rule. If you are in a line and within three feet of someone make sure to be prepared to give your “30 second commercial” about who you are and what you do for a living. You do this by introducing yourself, give the name of your business and then offer a very brief explanation of what your business can do for a customer.

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Top 10 Sales Strategies Tips to Help With Cold Calling

Even though cold calling is not done as often as it was once done to generate sales leads, there still is a need for it in some situations. It has never been easy to do and is even more difficult in today's market. So here are a few sales strategies tips that might help your salespeople be more successful at their jobs.

There are a few things that a salesperson should do just prior to making their calls. These sales strategies will help make the job a lot easier and quite frankly a lot less painful.

Tip #1 – Make sure to pre-qualify the leads. This means you should tell your sales group to go through their list of leads to thin them out and only leave those on the list that appear to be ones that would be the ones most likely to buy something. If they can't do it themselves for some reason, as a sales manager then it is something that you can do yourself before you hand out the list to your group.

Tip #2 – Try using more referrals. Some of the best lists in the world are made mainly of referrals from other customers that you already have. This is a good way to go because theses people have already vouched for you and your company buy having already done business with you. Whatever you do, don't ask for referrals from those who haven't purchased anything from you yet nor do you want to ask for them from people you've just sold something to. They need to be established customers you've had for a while after you done your cold calling and made several sales to them.

Tip #3 – Make sure that the cold calling calls are made at the correct time. You need to schedule the call sessions either in the early morning or late afternoon, best day is usually a Thursday and you should always try to avoid Fridays if at all possible, especially Friday afternoons.

Tip #4 – Place your calls in the order of their importance. In other words make sure to work on those cold calls that are listed as “hot”. If they are coming from your website, then this is where you would start. It is imperative to your success if you call all the ones coming from your business website first, then go to the newest numbers first and so on.

There are other sales strategies that you can do to make cold calling easier. These would be tips that you can use when you are actually making the calls.

Tip #5 – Make sure that your salespeople have the right attitude. Sales effectiveness depends upon whether the person sounds like someone who can add value. The only way to come off this way is to make sure that their outward presentation, their voice and the tone of their voice reflects their real attitude and that they sound like they really do want to help the customer.

Tip #6 – Always make sure that the time of the customer is respected at all time. The first sentence in the cold sales script should identify who the person is that is calling and who they represent, then communicate to them that they respect their valuable time and then offer them a compelling reason why they would want to speak with them and then get permission to continue the conversation. Always get permission. Never force yourself on them.

Tip #7 – Try and always move the opportunity forward. The second sentence in the script should make sure to mention the customer oriented benefits without giving too much detail at the beginning, this should come forward later. Use this time to analyze their needs.

Tip #8 – Make sure to do some experimenting with different types of wording. It's going to take different approaches for different people in order to get the results you want from different customers. So never worry about playing around with the words in the scripts to make them fit the situation better.

It doesn't stop with the cold calling itself. There are a couple things you should do once you have finished the call.

Tip #9 – Take time out to celebrate both the wins and the losses of the call. No matter what, if you turn a lead into a prospect then it is a cause for celebration. But, not all leads pan out, but this is a victory too, why? Because you have been able to get rid of a spot on your list that was just a waste of your time.

Tip #10 – Keep records of your conversations and their success rate. Make sure to note the industry, region and what kind of person they are, night person, morning person or late afternoon. This way you will know when it's best to make a second call to them and so on.

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How Your Success Will Depend on Your Cold Calling Techniques

How you handle yourself when you are using cold calling techniques is going to either make you or break you. One overwhelming truth that is important to remember is that you never should do any real selling during your cold calls. That is you don't want to do any traditional type of selling such as pushing, telling or even giving the benefits of the products or services that you are offering. The main aim of cold calling is basically to open up a dialogue between you and the prospective client. Below are some key parts of the techniques that have been successful.

Preparation – Effective preparation is key and can be seen in three parts.
1. Know the supplier, the product or service that you are representing. The product and/or service you are providing do not have to be the most expensive or even the highest of quality but they do have to fit the purpose of the market and the application and they need to meet the expectations that you create through your own marketing.

2. How you approach it mentally, the way you see yourself and the activity of cold calling. You need to believe that cold calling is empowering which then empowers you. Just treat cold calling like it's a simple numbers game and nothing more. It is something to make you more powerful and successful.

3. How well you understand what you are offering or the proposition you are offering to your prospective clients and their related situations.

Introduction – You need to make sure that you are extremely clear on who you are and the real reason why you are calling and let it be known that the main reason for the call is to simply request some dialogue either right when you call or schedule for a time that better suits the person you are calling. Never go into great detail about your product or service but give just enough information to peak t heir interest.

Questioning – It is important to make sure that you prepare some good questions that you can ask the person that will help them see the situation they are in more clearly and how your product and service might be of assistance to them. Make sure the questions invite them to stop and think about it and even explain to you about their issues.

Objectivity – You need to always remain neutral and fair with your prospective clients. Be objective is a good sign that you are coming off as an adviser and not some pushy salesperson. It's tricky to do but understand that the more you push a product the more often you will not make the sale. You also should never undermine or criticize the alternatives or the competition when you are using cold calling techniques. Most people don't want to be “sold” on something, they usually are wanting to be helped and guided into making an informed decision. This is where your objectivity must come in.

Listen and Interpret – Consider yourself the expert when it comes to the service or product that you are representing and if you don't come across that way then all of it is a waste of both your time and the other person's time. You need to be able to give them information with useful feedback and you will educate them effectively. Make sure to closely listen to the customers' desire for answers but don't rush in to answer them for them before they even have posed the question themselves. Listen closely to what they are saying and try to take time to interpret what their real needs might be through the words they are saying.

Involve and Coordinate – Make sure that you don't omit the person from the conversation. When employing cold calling techniques it is important that the prospective client is allowed to be part of the discussion and part of the decision making in order for you to be able to move onto the next step. Let yourself be guided by your own skills and protocols as well as by the prospective clients comments. You are the bridge that is going to connect the product or service to the client.

Take Notes and Keep in Touch – The more information you gather the more knowledge that you will have to work with in order to coordinate the next step of your cold calling process. So, take good notes and keep good concise records of your call during all the stages. Stay informed about the client and when the bridge is crossed make sure that you remain responsible and reliable to your new client.
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How Cold Calling Scripts Guide You in Using Effective Language

Cold calling scripts are used in just about every call that you might make, whether you want to believe that or not. If you were to do otherwise this would mean you were using totally different language each and every time that you made a call to a client or prospective client and you don't do that and you shouldn't do that.

If you are involved in a conversation say with your dream client, more than likely a large variety of your answers are going to pretty much be stock answers coming from cold calling scripts, this is because you have learned that stock answers are good to use with the more common questions and concerns that your possible clients might have. So, even if you are not looking directly at a script, you have learned to have prepared answers to questions, you must in order to be successful at what you you.

The main idea that lies behind cold calling scripts is not for you to look at and read directly from them word for word, because you are never suppose to sound like you are using a script, the whole idea behind these scripts is to help you to stop and take the time to make very effective language choices when you are talking to clients. Sure, there might be times where something you say could be absolutely brilliant and you make your point, but too often winging it through a conversation is going to lead you to make language decisions that are going to be ineffective.

Cold calling scripts are especially good for people who are new in the sales world. These scripts will help new people to stay on point and help them present a clear message that prospective clients can easily understand. It teaches them how to take the time to think about their language use. By writing down the language and then rehearsing helps to build up a persons confidence as well as their competence in their job.

These scripts can help a person keep focused on the key points they need to bring up and the key questions they need to ask the client in order for their call to be a success. The scripting helps a person keep their goal in mind at all times so that the language they use will reach the right outcome.

When a person writes down what they want to say and then rehearses it will make their language skills more effective and even more compelling to a client that they are trying to win over. If a person is stammering and falling all over their words trying to figure out just the right things to say, is the quickest way to lose a client right out of the starting gate.
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Cold Calling, Does it Work?

One of the biggest questions in marketing today is this. Cold calling does it work? Often times this type of calling is considered business to business or B2B and since the creation of the Internet, it has been evolving and the role of cold calling and it's importance does seem to be shifting in a different direction.

Many experts are reviewing the question cold calling does it work and have come to the conclusion that cold calling is becoming a less effective way to conduct business. In today's society, the buyers in the world are not answering their phones the sam way they once did which means that calling huge amounts of targets is becoming less and less effective. Today it is becoming less and less common to be able to pick up the phone, call a buyer and then turn that buyer into a lead.

The reason for this is the fact that today's buyers are increasingly more knowledgeable about being able to tune out marketer's various attempts to connect with them. They have their own assistants that act as their guards against this, there is Caller ID that will identify all unknown callers, there are email spam filters to block out unwanted email and the list goes on including the “Do Not Call Registry”.

Also, in today's world of the Internet, it is a lot easier to learn more about a prospective client by simply using the Internet and connecting with them on places such as Linkedln or even following them on Facebook or Twitter, making cold calling seem a little archaic. This then could be a connection to opening the door to new clients. This in turn has been dubbed “warm calling” and then only calling the individuals that seem to have the same interests as the products and/or services you may have to offer.

Some believe however, that you cannot just use the Internet to communicate with those who might be a good fit for your product or service. Yes, it can be used to gather the information you would normally acquire from cold calling but, using only the Internet could cut down on finding that big client with so much competition out there. So some experts feel that a form of question of cold calling does it work can be answered yes, if you combine the information you get from the Internet with making calls to prospective big clients as well.

Others believe that the phone is still a very important tool but gathering information is now becoming more of a permission based type of situation and more and more clients that are contacted by phone by marketer's that are totally unsolicited are going to be ignored by the client. So often times they recommend that the first contact be through any site the company is listed at or their own site that offers the “Contact Us” option. Using this option prior to making a cold call could make the prospective buyer feel less intruded upon.

So, the cold calling does it work question can be answered yes as long as it is modified to fit the new structure of the world on the Internet.
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