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Cold Calling, Does it Work?

One of the biggest questions in marketing today is this. Cold calling does it work? Often times this type of calling is considered business to business or B2B and since the creation of the Internet, it has been evolving and the role of cold calling and it's importance does seem to be shifting in a different direction.

Many experts are reviewing the question cold calling does it work and have come to the conclusion that cold calling is becoming a less effective way to conduct business. In today's society, the buyers in the world are not answering their phones the sam way they once did which means that calling huge amounts of targets is becoming less and less effective. Today it is becoming less and less common to be able to pick up the phone, call a buyer and then turn that buyer into a lead.

The reason for this is the fact that today's buyers are increasingly more knowledgeable about being able to tune out marketer's various attempts to connect with them. They have their own assistants that act as their guards against this, there is Caller ID that will identify all unknown callers, there are email spam filters to block out unwanted email and the list goes on including the “Do Not Call Registry”.

Also, in today's world of the Internet, it is a lot easier to learn more about a prospective client by simply using the Internet and connecting with them on places such as Linkedln or even following them on Facebook or Twitter, making cold calling seem a little archaic. This then could be a connection to opening the door to new clients. This in turn has been dubbed “warm calling” and then only calling the individuals that seem to have the same interests as the products and/or services you may have to offer.

Some believe however, that you cannot just use the Internet to communicate with those who might be a good fit for your product or service. Yes, it can be used to gather the information you would normally acquire from cold calling but, using only the Internet could cut down on finding that big client with so much competition out there. So some experts feel that a form of question of cold calling does it work can be answered yes, if you combine the information you get from the Internet with making calls to prospective big clients as well.

Others believe that the phone is still a very important tool but gathering information is now becoming more of a permission based type of situation and more and more clients that are contacted by phone by marketer's that are totally unsolicited are going to be ignored by the client. So often times they recommend that the first contact be through any site the company is listed at or their own site that offers the “Contact Us” option. Using this option prior to making a cold call could make the prospective buyer feel less intruded upon.

So, the cold calling does it work question can be answered yes as long as it is modified to fit the new structure of the world on the Internet.

Marina Denoncourt commented on 23-Feb-2016 12:48 AM
great. Thanks

ferry commented on 15-Nov-2016 06:41 AM
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