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Top 10 Sales Strategies Tips to Help With Cold Calling

Even though cold calling is not done as often as it was once done to generate sales leads, there still is a need for it in some situations. It has never been easy to do and is even more difficult in today's market. So here are a few sales strategies tips that might help your salespeople be more successful at their jobs.

There are a few things that a salesperson should do just prior to making their calls. These sales strategies will help make the job a lot easier and quite frankly a lot less painful.

Tip #1 – Make sure to pre-qualify the leads. This means you should tell your sales group to go through their list of leads to thin them out and only leave those on the list that appear to be ones that would be the ones most likely to buy something. If they can't do it themselves for some reason, as a sales manager then it is something that you can do yourself before you hand out the list to your group.

Tip #2 – Try using more referrals. Some of the best lists in the world are made mainly of referrals from other customers that you already have. This is a good way to go because theses people have already vouched for you and your company buy having already done business with you. Whatever you do, don't ask for referrals from those who haven't purchased anything from you yet nor do you want to ask for them from people you've just sold something to. They need to be established customers you've had for a while after you done your cold calling and made several sales to them.

Tip #3 – Make sure that the cold calling calls are made at the correct time. You need to schedule the call sessions either in the early morning or late afternoon, best day is usually a Thursday and you should always try to avoid Fridays if at all possible, especially Friday afternoons.

Tip #4 – Place your calls in the order of their importance. In other words make sure to work on those cold calls that are listed as “hot”. If they are coming from your website, then this is where you would start. It is imperative to your success if you call all the ones coming from your business website first, then go to the newest numbers first and so on.

There are other sales strategies that you can do to make cold calling easier. These would be tips that you can use when you are actually making the calls.

Tip #5 – Make sure that your salespeople have the right attitude. Sales effectiveness depends upon whether the person sounds like someone who can add value. The only way to come off this way is to make sure that their outward presentation, their voice and the tone of their voice reflects their real attitude and that they sound like they really do want to help the customer.

Tip #6 – Always make sure that the time of the customer is respected at all time. The first sentence in the cold sales script should identify who the person is that is calling and who they represent, then communicate to them that they respect their valuable time and then offer them a compelling reason why they would want to speak with them and then get permission to continue the conversation. Always get permission. Never force yourself on them.

Tip #7 – Try and always move the opportunity forward. The second sentence in the script should make sure to mention the customer oriented benefits without giving too much detail at the beginning, this should come forward later. Use this time to analyze their needs.

Tip #8 – Make sure to do some experimenting with different types of wording. It's going to take different approaches for different people in order to get the results you want from different customers. So never worry about playing around with the words in the scripts to make them fit the situation better.

It doesn't stop with the cold calling itself. There are a couple things you should do once you have finished the call.

Tip #9 – Take time out to celebrate both the wins and the losses of the call. No matter what, if you turn a lead into a prospect then it is a cause for celebration. But, not all leads pan out, but this is a victory too, why? Because you have been able to get rid of a spot on your list that was just a waste of your time.

Tip #10 – Keep records of your conversations and their success rate. Make sure to note the industry, region and what kind of person they are, night person, morning person or late afternoon. This way you will know when it's best to make a second call to them and so on.

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